Cross in the Sky

Back in late 1966, we pulled into Pier "E" to take on supplies and ammo, for we were being sent out again on operations around April of 1966. We just got back from being in Vietnam for one year and a half. I was down four levels below the waterline sleeping in my rack when I had this dream..

Visual Path MapBack in the 60's, 70's and 80's no one knew what "out- of- body- experiences" were back then or I never knew what they were until many years later. Probably around the middle of the 90's I came across several books explaining this unknown event.

In my total life of 21 years, never have I ever experienced such vivid, so detailed dreams like these. I knew what it's like to be touched by the Lord God, the God of Israel, but to dream in my mind such information given to me was hard to understand at this moment of my life. What do I do now? What or how do I explaine these dreams? Would my friends or family understand me?

All these years I continue to consider these dreams and I will never forget them.

The dream was an eye opener of the country of Red China. I knew I was there for my instincts told me I was standing on a mountain in China by the sea off to my right.

It was a cool night. The stars were out. I could see many thousands of lights or torches coming my way. It looked like a caravan of Chinese people leaving their homes and taking their belongings with them. Like a massive Exodus, escaping their homes for some unknown reason. As the people approached, I looked up in the sky and the stars started to form a cross heading inland. I heard this beautifiul singing of the many thousands of voices coming from above. I couldn't make the words out but it sounded like women humming in high tones, back and forth, high and low. As the caravan came closer, I could see them pulling carts and they had their families with them.

As I continued to watch them, they were headed for the sea. Then I woke up shaking and sweaty. I considered this dream and thought of it for many years.

Today Americans have their right to worship in this country whether it be Protestant, Catholic or Jewish. I find people of America are very relaxed in their beliefs. It's almost like a burden for them to even say "Jesus Crhist" "God" or mention end-times. Many people in American are more concerned about their pocket books and portfolios of retirement lifestyles than God Himself. Materialism and greed are the two hidden sins Americans should wise up to. Reality comes fast knocking on your door when you have a day or two left.

In American many people don't realize this, but there are many Chinese people suffering for their faith who know Yeshua, Jesus. The Gospel of the Cross is infiltrating many places in China. Well to the West in the interior of China, the word is being spread by carriers from village to village bringing the good news to these people. They are realizing that Budda is nothing but stone, cold and not alive. The spirit of God is active in this world. Many people are being healed of diseases, yet they suffer for some chapter of the Bible they have memorized by some messenger reciting to the village the good news.

Those who know Bible prophecy understand that the armies of the East will march West into the Holy Land. The rivers will dry up making way for them to march West and no doubt join forces with the Muslim population to march on Jerusalem. It's coming to a point now, America will desert Israel at the last minute for all the Nations in the world will come against the Holy Land. What's their objective? To drive the Jews into the sea. But Israel is God's special people and all those who love Israel meaning Gentile as well. I wouldn't want to be against this God of Israel for it means only death. There was a battle in the Old Testament where King David was outnumbered by the Philistines. They were camped outside the gates of Jerusalem ready to destroy it. King David asked for God's help and God came to King David's rescue. God sent the Angel of Death through the Philistine's camp and destroyed 186,000 Philistines. Now consider lightening. Lightening travels 186,000 miles per second. The Angel of Death destroyed 186,000 Philistines in one second. No army on Earth will ever destroy Israel for it's going to be protected by you know who.

I think this dream means something to me. A remnant of Christians in China will not go to battle against Israel. It will get so bad for the Christian Chinese that thousands of will flee China. Not all Chinese people are bad. It's the government in control of China that will take the lead to march to the Middle East, so we will see people escaping China.

To me, this dream is exactly this - a massive Exodus of the Chines people. So, I wait for the third temple to be built in Jerusalem and it's not far off.

If any nation curses Israel, God will curse this nation. So, bless Israel and love the Jewish people. There are many Messanic Christians there in Israel. They are your brothers and sisters. If you hate Israel, then how can you as a Christian love God, for your Lord was Jewish. During the time of when Jesus walked this Earth, many Jews believed in Him. It was only a handful of Jews in high places that nailed Him to the cross. The populace slept while Jesus was arrested and nailed to the cross so don't blame the Jews for killing Christ. He had many tousands of believers at His time on this Earth.

I do believe that thousands and thousands of Chinese people are Christians and I wonder in America, how many of you will deny or say "I don't believe in Jesus" if a 45 cal was pointed to your head. I know the Chinese will shine like the sun if this would happen to them. How about you, America?

Old Coyote